Packing of goods for transportation

Packing of goods for transportation

Packing of goods for transportation

Cargo packaging is an important step in the organization of transport. Because how well the product is packaged, it directly depends on the condition in which it will be delivered to the destination.

Packaging requirements for various types of goods

Before transportation, the goods must be placed in the appropriate packaging, which would ensure its complete integrity during transport.

Packaging must meet the following requirements: be dry, clean, free from defects, and exclude the likelihood of access by unauthorized persons to the cargo. Cardboard boxes are allowed as containers, which would have been sealed with scotch tape, wooden boxes, etc. There should be no sharp corners on the package.

The main types of cargo packaging

Container is a special package in which the finished cargo is packed in order to ensure its safety during transportation.

Tara is divided depending on its type: consumer, additional, transport and craft packaging.

The classification of packaging depends on the form of cargo. The most popular types of packaging are: rigid packing, semi-rigid and soft packing.

When packing cargo should pay attention to the following factors. type and quality of cargo, cargo size and compatibility, duration of cargo transportation, atmospheric conditions, type of transport and its load.

For the complete safety of the transported goods should know how to protect them from harmful influences.

As a conclusion, it should be noted that during transportation each type of cargo must have proper packaging.


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