Organizing the transportation of the offices

Organizing the transportation of the offices

Organizing the transportation of the offices

First of all, value the process. The right planning of the process will allow you to do the transportation in a tight schedule and with minimal costs.

The planning of the transportation of the office

Plan the transportation very detailed. The planning is needed for deciding the cost of the process and for decreasing the resources that are going to be spent. The transportation has to be organized by these steps:

  • ✓ Valuing the volume of the work
  • ✓ Planning the dates
  • ✓ The optimal choice of the route, the type and the amount of the vehicle

The packing of the office equipment

Wrong packing can cause the damage of the equipment.

  • ✓the office furniture- pay attention to sharp angles, use bubble wrap, put it in a multi-layered cardboard box.
  • ✓ glass or fragile things- use bubble wrap.
  • ✓ small pieces- mark and put separately.
  • ✓ documents- put in different three-ply cardboard boxes, fasten with adhesive tape.

The choice of the necessary vehicle and the transportation

Pay attention to the efficiency, security and reliability of the vehicle.
The most common vehicles are:

  • ✓ Small truck Small - the carrying capacity of this vehicle is 1,5 tons and a lot of working place (8m3)
  • ✓ Extended truck - the largest types of coachbuilders are placing to 17m3 load.
  • ✓ Trucks with a trailer, large trucks.

Have a safe transportation!


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